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MD of Willow Creek council seeks more information before re-zoning land for subdivision near Orton

MD of Willow Creek council recessed a public hearing on a proposal to re-zone land near the hamlet of Orton until it has more information.
Council reviewed an application March 12 by Jeff Wolff to re-zone about 120 acres on the east side of Orton at SE-9-25-4 from rural general to rural hamlet designation.
Council convened a public hearing to seek feedback.
Planner Mike Burla explained a grouped country residential subdivision of more than 20 lots is being sought.
Both Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Alberta Health Services wanted to ensure there is enough water for each lot.
There were no objections from adjacent land owners, but one neighbour wanted to make sure the applicant knew he has the authority to spread manure from his feedlot close to the property line following setbacks.
Coun. Maryanne Sandberg asked whose responsibility it is to contact the Natural Resources Conservation Board, which governs feedlots.
Burla responded the MD of Willow Creek should, because the NRCB is just like other referral agencies.
Wolff said he wants to be part of Orton and improve it. That’s why he has proposed a park with a pond and a dry hydrant.
Wolff has rented in Orton and now wants to build his own home, because he likes the beauty of it.
Wolff went door-to-door and held an open house to make people aware of his plans. People were in favour, but some had concerns about traffic and the impact of his proposal on their view.
Coun. Ian Sundquist asked if manure spreading by the neighbour was discussed at this open house.
Wolff said it wasn’t, but the neighbour already spreads manure and Wolff said that is part of rural living.
Sandberg had concerns about sufficient water for all the lots.
The engineer who did the water testing was present and said there is enough water.
However, his report was submitted to council too soon before the hearing for all members to read it.
Council agreed to recess the public hearing until its April 23 meeting in order to review the report on water, and contact the NRCB.

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