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Fort Macleod fund-raising raffle offers chance to ‘live free for a year’

Kristi Edwards

Kristi Edwards

The hottest ticket in Fort Macleod offers the winner the chance to live free for a year.
The F.P. Walshe school fund-raising foundation is selling tickets on the chance to win $1,000 a week for a year.
“We thought that with the economy the way it is, it is an appealing fund-raiser for a lot of people,” the foundation’s Liisa Gillingham said Friday.
The foundation, along with the Fort Macleod Community Initiatives Association, will use proceeds to support programs at F.P. Walshe and W.A. Day schools.
“There is no shortage of needs at both schools,” Kristi Edwards of the foundation said.
Five thousand tickets will be sold at $40 apiece or three for $100 leading to the grand prize draw at the beginning of December.
The grand prize winner can opt for $1,000 a week for 52 weeks, or a lump sum payment of $40,000.
“It’s an exciting prize,” Edwards said.
Second prize in the raffle is free, one-year lease of a 2016 Chev Trax from Scougall Motors in Fort Macleod.
Third prize is a $4,000 travel voucher and a $1,000 prepaid VISA card.
There is an early bird draw on Oct. 14 for a $1,000 pre-paid VISA card.
Every ticket is eligible for every draw.
The raffle was announced in June at the F.P. Walshe ’80s and ’90s reunion, and alumni snapped up 100 tickets.
“It was nice to see support from the alumni,” Edwards said.
Since then about another 100 tickets have been sold, so the push is getting stronger as the sales deadline approaches.
“We are really hoping to sell out sooner rather than later,” Edwards said.
Tickets will be on sale at W.A. Day school’s back to school barbecue on Aug. 31, and at other functions in the community.
Tickets are on sale at Fort Pharmacy, Family and Community Support Services and Hurlburt Rock Products.
Tickets are also available at and at the F.P. Walshe fund-raising foundation and Fort Macleod Community Initiatives Association pages on Facebook.
“We’re really hopeful we can sell lots of tickets outside the community,” Edwards said. “One of the reason we chose this fund-raiser was we felt it would have lots of appeal outside of Fort Macleod.”
If all 5,000 tickets are sold, the raffle will raise about $100,000 for the two schools.

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