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School board rejects idea of recording all votes

Livingstone Range School Board, in a split vote, rejected the idea of recording how trustees vote on each board motion.
Trustee Clara Yagos, who put forward the motion Dec. 19, said a trustee has to ask for a recorded vote.
This would make it automatic, so trustees would not have to think about it, especially if they are caught up in discussion.
Chairman Brad Toone said he learned from a recent meeting that about 60 per cent of boards in Alberta are going this way already.
Trustee Jim Burdett said he was not sure why the board should do this, and pointed out it would be more work for the recording secretary.
“To me, it’s about being transparent,” Toone said.
Trustee Lacey Poytress was concerned recording every vote would show cracks in the board’s unity.
If trustees are supposed to provide a unified front, even if they voted against something, that becomes more awkward if people know they voted against it.
Burdett added asking for a recorded vote is also a political statement.
Trustee Greg Long noted the public does not know the discussion that occurs going into a vote, so they may not have the proper context for why trustees voted the way they did.
Yagos said this is a good way to educate the public, and it would lead to discussions.
In a recorded vote, the motion failed with Toone, Yagos, and Lori Hodges voting in favour, and Burdett, Long, Poytress, and John McKee voting against the motion.

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