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Door-to-door scam detected in Macleod

Fort Macleod residents are warned someone is running a scam using the name of a local sports group.
The Town of Fort Macleod office received a report Dec. 19 of two young girls going door-to-door selling candles and gift baskets for the Fort Macleod Skating Club.
“This activity is fraudulent and not approved by the Fort Macleod Skating Club,” community peace officer Werner Dressler said in a news release.
The well-dressed girls were reported going door-to-door in the 400 block of 15th Street.
One girl is seven to eight years of age and the other is 12 to 13 years of age. Both have brown hair and brown eyes.
The older girl gives the sales presentation and answers questions. The younger girl is quiet.
Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Macleod RCMP at 403-553-4407.
Dressler offered the following tips to Fort Macleod residents:

  • Do not let anyone you do not know into your house for any reason.
  • Ask to see the person’s identification and Town of Fort Macleod permits.
  • Verify if they say that they are on your street because they have done some work for your neighbours. Check with your neighbour to see if this is true.
  • Beware any sales professional who tries to pressure you into making a hasty decision. “Now or never” offers are usually a scam of some kind.
  • Keep in mind that con artists and scam artists are professionals at earning your trust and confidence. They do not appear dirty or suspicious and usually look the part of the person they are pretending to be.
  • Examine any product very carefully before buying it.
  • Close the door, lock it and call 911 if at any time the person at your door makes you feel threatened.

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