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G.R. Davis students help fill the food bank

G.R. Davis school principal Ian Stewardson

G.R. Davis school principal Ian Stewardson wore a dress Thursday and danced the hula hoop to fill his part of a bargain he made with students.

Principal Ian Stewardson and teacher Andrew Walmsley got all dolled up for class on Thursday.
The two male teachers wore dresses and performed with hula hoops — to the delight of students at G.R. Davis school.
The principal and teacher were paying off a promise they made to encourage the students to support a Christmas food drive for the Salvation Army.
The students fulfilled their part of the bargain, donating $1,030 worth of food for the Salvation Army’s food bank in Fort Macleod.
“You should be so proud of yourselves,” teacher Leanne Feller told the children. “You all showed amazing leadership by bringing in your food and helping others this season.”
The Salvation Army’s Maj. Brian Beveridge told the students he was impressed with their efforts — and the willingness of their teachers to take part in such a challenge.
“You’re lucky,” Maj. Beveridge said. “I never had teachers who would do this kind of thing.”
Stewardson and Walmsley weren’t the only school staff members with something on the line in the food drive challenge.
Melissa Koch had to take baby steps all morning because the students brought in at least $100 worth of food items.
Barb Norgard balanced a pillow on her head in return for $200 worth of food.
Mel Jones and Vern Megli agreed to wear flippers and swimming goggles if the students collected $300 worth of food.
For $400 worth of food, Suzann Hatton rode a stick horse — dressing up in cowboy hat and chaps to boot.

Vern Megli and Mel Jones

Vern Megli and Mel Jones donned swimming goggles and flippers

Cheryl Chester and the school’s student teachers played maracas because the food total topped $500 .
Craig Whitehead, Linda Gonnet and Jill Coast sang “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” to the students for $600 worth of food.
If the food total reached $700 Laurie Noel was to dye her hair green. Unfortunately for the students, she was off sick on Thursday.
Leanne Feller dyed her hair red because the food total topped $800.
Walmsley Ian Stewardson had agreed to do the hula hoop dressed as women if the students collected $900 worth of food.
Richard Feller and Nick Beers sported golden hairdos in return for $1,000 worth of food.
Since the students brought in more than $1,000 worth of food, the entire staff sang “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

Kyraya Sutherland helps Maj. Brian Beveridge

Kyraya Sutherland helps Maj. Brian Beveridge of the Salvation Army load the donated food into his van.

“It’s awesome you would do that,” Maj. Beveridge told the staff.
The Salvation Army food bank expects to provide Christmas hampers to about 35 families this year.
“There are children and families in this community who are going to reap the benefits of your efforts,” Maj. Beveridge told students and staff.