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Sixty-eight are nominated in Piikani Nation election

Eleven people have entered the race to become the chief of Piikani Nation.
Fifty-seven people also filed nomination papers in the race to become a councillor in the election Wednesday, Jan. 5.
An election forum is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 29 at the community hall in Brocket.
Candidates for chief include incumbent Reg Crow Shoe, Floyd Smith, Michael Smith, Gayle Strikes With A Gun, Joseph (Skipper) Potts, Terry Joe Small Legs, Jordan No Chief, Conrad Little Leaf, Adam North Peigan, Brian Jackson and Peter Yellow Horn.
Council candidates are Harley Bastien, Charles Red Young Man, Aaron Yellow Horn, Serene Weasel Traveller, Eloise Provost, Yvonne (Smith) Provost, Ross Yellow Horn, Bedford Pard, Andrew Provost, Jr., Randy Crazy Boy, Tiki Smith and Patricia English.
Also running for a spot on council are Edwin Small Legs, Jeffrey (Chubby) Standing Alone, Terry North Peigan, Dominic Crow Shoe, Rod North Peigan, Daniel (Woody) North Man, Herman Many Guns, Jordie Provost, Brian McDougall, Erwin Bastien, Delores (Dolly) Yellow Wings and Merlin Provost.
Also filing nomination papers were Adrian Provost, Dianna North Peigan, Casey Scott, Tyler Smith, Doane Crow Shoe, Willard Yellow Face, Lenny Yellow Wings, Maurice Little Wolf, Kyle Grier, Darren Smith, Fabian North Peigan and Charles (Chuck) Provost.
Kevin Provost, Gailard Man Who Smokes, Terry Yellow Horn, Angela Grier, Rhonda Bastien, Sally Listener, Todd Smith, Howard Yellow Horn, Curtis McDougall, Charlotte Provost, Sonya Bratz and Franklin Wolf Tail are also candidates.
Rounding out the candidates for council are Wesley (Smokey) Provost, Clayton Small Legs, Joseph C. Yellow Horn, Jesse Scott, Jay Potts, Karen Rose Crow Shoe, Lorne (Bambi) Smith, Cecil Bastien and Ferlin Crow Shoe.

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