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Staff gets close shave at end of Movember

G.R. Davis school staff members Ian Stewardson, Richard Feller, Vern Megli, Nick Beer, Craig Whitehead, Andrew Walmsley and Mel Jones volunteered to grow mustaches in November — or Movember as the month was known — to raise money for prostate cancer research.

It was difficult to tell who was more nervous Monday afternoon as student Sarah Foote used an electric razor to shave the mustache off teacher Nick Beer.
There proved no need to worry, however, as Sarah wielded the razor like a pro and left the G.R. Davis school teacher clean-shaven to end the Movember contest.
Seven staff members at G.R. Davis school agreed to grow mustaches and beards during November.
Students paid $1 a vote to choose which staff member they wanted to see shaved during a school assembly.
“It was a lot of fun,” vice-principal Richard Feller said. “The kids really got into it.”
Feller got the idea to have the school take part in the Movember promotion, which raised money for prostate cancer research.

Suzann Hatton uses a razor to shave Craig Whitehead’s beard.

Feller convinced fellow staff members Mel Jones, Ian Stewardson, Craig Whitehead, Vern Megli, Nick Beer and Andrew Walmsley to join him in putting away their razors for a month.
Students paid a total of $78 at $1 a vote to choose the teacher they wanted to see shaved. That ended up being Grade 4 teacher Nick Beer.
On Monday afternoon, student Sarah Foote’s name was drawn to do the shaving. Electric razor in hand, Sarah skillfully shaved Beer clean.
Then each of the men “volunteered” to let themselves be shaved.
Selected in draws to do the shaving were students Mac Donahue, Danielle Hedley, Cobus Oudhof, Hannah Dyck and Stanley Van Buul, along with teacher assistant Suzann Hatton.
With the proceeds from a community fund-raiser on Saturday night, G.R. Davis school will donate $1,084 to prostate cancer research.
“That’s a lot of money going to a great cause,” Feller told the students.
Feller said the positive response from students and staff likely means there will be Movember 2 in 2011 at G.R. Davis school.
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