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Awards, play highlight Oneheart Day Oct. 22

There have been many instances throughout history when people have come together, despite differing culture and background, to build something for a greater future.
Whole cities have had their foundations dug by the hands of neighbours and walls have been raised when strangers co-operate.
On Saturday Oct. 22, people are coming together. Only this time, the walls are coming down.
Oneheart Day in Cardston will be hosted by the Oneheart Youth, the Blood Tribe, Carriage House Theatre and Cardston high school and funded by Shinah House Foundation, the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, Blood Tribe and Cardston Kinsmen Club.
The Oneheart project from the earliest planning meetings to the setting up of the last chair, have been directed by youth. The youth of the Blood Reserve and Cardston areas saw a need for change in their communities. They also saw those that were bringing about that change.
Bridge Awards
The Shinah House Bridge Awards will be held at Cardston high school on Saturday.
This is a celebration of change through the expression of many who have worked tirelessly to build inclusion and civic engagement in their communities.
The night will showcase the music, drama, and dance of inspiring youth leaders as they honour individuals, groups and organizations with hearts of courage, social inclusion and civic engagement.
The awards are designed by Oneheart youth, crafted by children alongside local archeologist Shane Tolman and are symbolic of the past, how far we have come as communities and the hope for the future.
Among those who will be honoured from the Fort Macleod area are Pretty Moon Theatre Group moms Kathy Scout Bastien, Trina Healy, Natalie White Quills and Neena Yellow Face.
Also being honoured is the original cast members for “A Tribute to Highway of Tears,” including writer and director Josh Scout Bastien, assistant director Celene White Quills, Tiffany Bastien, Laurie English, Danika Healy, Kayla Pard, Simone Smith, Jonathan Tallman and Raven Yellow Face.
Stasha Donahue is also among those being honoured for her never-ending work in the communities of southern Alberta. The efforts of Donahue have reached the hearts many, even far-away neighbours, through her involvement with the former South Western Alberta Coalition for Poverty and many other community initiatives she has championed over the years.
Old Agency residents of the Blood Reserve Lance Scout and son John Scout will be recognized for their community work in Southern Alberta and their support of Oneheart.
The father-son duo are also known as the Johnny Rains Band.
More than 50 children and youth will be recognized for their contributions over the past three years.
Highway of Tears
The play “A Tribute to Highway of Tears” about the First Nations women disappearing on highways will be performed by the Pretty Moon Theatre Group at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the Carriage House Theatre.
This event is raw, based on true experiences and definitely more for adult consideration. Youth over 16 are welcome to attend if accompanied by an adult.
This play shares a strong and important message and is performed by youth who have hearts of courage, social inclusion and civic engagement. This part of Oneheart Day is about awareness, human rights and seeing people as people.
Songwriter and singer Jo Anne Hansen will introduce the play with her nationally acclaimed song “Call into the Night.” This song is the face of the Parliament of Canada Standing Committee on the Status of Woman regarding Violence against Aboriginal Women.
Hansen sang her song when asked for her testimony during the federal enquiry on the violence in Canada against First Nations women.
Eric Proffitt will sing the closing song “Little Child,” written for his performance at the United Nations conference in Vienna, Austria.

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