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Bantam Outlaws busy in provincials, league

Eric Maskowitz of the Fort Macleod Outlaws fights through the check of an Airdrie player on his way to scoring the game’s first goal.

Fort Macleod Outlaws have had a busy week with one provincial Bantam hockey game and three Central Alberta Hockey League games to play.
First in the week was a trip to Pincher Creek to play their first game in the provincial series.
The first period started with a goal by Pincher Creek and 10 seconds later Riley Vanee passed to Christine Scout Bastien to tie up the game.
Pincher Creek scored again in the last 30 seconds of the period to be leading 2-1.
In the beginning of the second period Brooklyn Housenga scored, assisted by Colten Holtz and Lucky David, to tie the game.
From that point on Pincher Creek walked away with this game. The final score was 12-2 which allowed Pincher Creek to move onto the next round of provincial playoffs.
Now the Outlaws needed to focus on their weekend league games.
Cremona 6 Outlaws 4
Friday night in Fort Macleod the Outlaws faced off against Cremona. Fort Macleod had a full bench except for Wilfred North Peigan who is out with a broken arm.
Cremona was first on the scoreboard after a scrimmage in front of the net.
Fort Macleod responded with a powerplay goal by Tyrus Whitecow, assisted by Brad Finnson and Sunny Dawn Bruised Head.

Sunny Dawn Bruised Head of the Fort Macleod Outlaws battles an Airdrie player for the puck.

Tyrus slipped the puck into the net again just three minutes later to put the Outlaws in the lead.
Then it was Cremona’s turn and they scored the next two goals in the period. Cremona seemed to be on a roll and our Outlaws were struggling with passing and getting control of the game.
After the break, Riley Vanee scored an unassisted goal with his backhand shot. This seemed to have prompted the Cremona team who took the puck and scored on a breakaway.
Play continued back and forth and Tyrus Whitecow scored his hat trick goal with Brooklyn Housenga and Brady Welsh assisting. Both teams seemed to be losing steam and ambition.
The third period began and Cremona scored at 18:25. Fort Macleod tried to score on two powerplays  but had no luck and Cremona ended the game with another goal. The final score was 6-4 for Cremona.
Outlaws 3 Airdrie 2

Saturday afternoon the Outlaws played host to Airdrie.
Eric Maskowitz started things off with an unassisted goal that was shot straight at the net and snuck past the opponent’s goalie.
Play continued in the first period with shots on net by both teams and Fort Macleod playing eight minutes shorthanded and only two minutes with the powerplay. Luckily the Outlaws and their goalie Ty Odney kept Airdrie off the scoreboard.
In the second period the Outlaws had a nice play from Sunny Dawn Bruised Head on defence, to Riley Vanee in the corner and over to Tyrus Whitecow who was in front of the net where he scored.
Then one minute later Lucky David scored with the assist again coming from Sunny Dawn.
The Outlaws were feeling comfortable but still having to work hard on the shorthanded shifts. Airdrie did score at the end of the second period to bring the score to 3-1 for the host team.
In the third period Airdrie scored again on the powerplay to only be behind by one goal.
The Outlaws were working hard to keep the lead and the fans were biting their nails in the stands.
Time out was called at 1:11 and Airdrie pulled their goalie. It was a great effort by the Airdrie team but the Fort Macleod Outlaws held onto their lead and won the game 3-2.
Vulcan 7 Outlaws 1
Sunday was an away game at Lomond to compete against the No. 1 team in the Central Alberta Tier 4 Bantam Hockey League, Vulcan.
The Outlaws skated hard and kept up with their opponents. The defence was solid with Brady Welsh, Eric Maskowitz, and Sunny Dawn Bruised Head.
Lucky David and Christine Scout Bastien were moved back and forth from forward to defense throughout the weekend and played well wherever they were put.
The forwards were Colten Holtz, Brad Finnson, Brooklyn Housenga, Tyrus Whitecow, Mary Many Bears and Riley Vanee. These skaters as well as goalie Ty Odney had a busy weekend and kept their strength up against their toughest opponent.
After the first period the score showed 0-0, with both teams playing well.
Back onto the ice in the second period, Vulcan scored two goals before Fort Macleod put one in. Credit for the goal goes to Tyrus Whitecow and the assists going to Eric Maskowitz and Colten Holtz.
Within the next 30 seconds Vulcan scored twice to bring their lead to 4-1.
In the third period Vulcan showed they were taking control of the game and scored three more goals to end the game with the score of 7-1.
Vulcan was definitely the dominant team but we were proud of our kids with how they played. They opened the door for Vulcan when they took the pressure off for about a seven-minute gap. During the rest of the time they really put their heart into the game. Good job Outlaws.
Next on the schedule is another game against Vulcan in Vulcan on Saturday, Jan. 29 and then on Sunday, Jan. 30 the Outlaws will host Cremona at the Fort Macleod arena at 12:45 p.m.

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