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Canadian Country Weekend

Trevor Panczak

Country stars such as Trevor Panczak, signing a fan's cowboy boot Friday, made themselves available for autographs.

Thousands of people made their way last weekend to Fort Macleod Fish and Game Park for the first Canadian Country Weekend.
Fans such as Dustin Fenton of Fort Macleod welcomed the chance to meet some of their favourite musicians.
“I’m going to try and get everybody to sign this flag,” said Fenton, who brought with him a replica flag of the one used by the South in the U.S. Civil War.
Fenton had one signature on his straw cowboy hat but decided Friday to get the stars to sign the flag.
“I might lose the hat, but I’ll never lose the rebel flag,” Fenton laughed.
Terri Clark, George Canyon, Gord Bamford and Canadian legend Ian Tyson headlined the two-day festival at the Fish and Game Park.
Jaydee Bixby, Tim Hus, Trevor Panczak and Rough Stock, Craig Moritz, One More Girl, Shane Chisolm and Craig Moritz also performed.
Contest winners Cold Shot, Chet DeFreese and the Chill and Breanne Urban and Southern Flyer were also on the bill.

Terri Clark

Terri Clark gave a rousing performance Friday night at the Canadian Country Weekend.

“This is going to be a great festival,” said Moritz, echoing sentiments expressed over and over by the performers.
Oldman Entertainment Inc. general manager Broc Higginson was pleased with the support from the Town of Fort Macleod, sponsors and country music fans.
“Thank you for taking a chance on us,” Higginson told the audience Saturday night.

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