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Community Futures to survey businesses

Community Futures Alberta Southwest wants to take the pulse of the Fort Macleod business community.
The business development centre intends to survey more than 300 businesses on issues related to business in Fort Macleod.
“We’re going to try and contact all the businesses if possible,” program co-ordinator James Tessier said.
Tessier was at the Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday to promote the business visitation program.
Community Futures has initiated the program with co-operation from the Town of Fort Macleod Economic Development Commission and the Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce.
From July 18 to Aug. 19 Community Futures will schedule 15-minute meetings with business owners.
During the meetings business people will compete a survey designed to provide Community Futures, the town, Chamber and other community leaders with a better understanding of the needs of local businesses.
The survey covers issues ranging from basic business activities, to market conditions and the company’s primary market base, to labour force requirements, and the community’s strengths and weaknesses as a place to do business.
The information will be kept confidential and released in summarized form.
“Results of the whole process will be available to the Chamber and the town,” Tessier said.
Chamber president Srecko Ponjavic welcomed the survey.
“It’s going to be very beneficial,” Ponjavic said. “We might be able to discover a few needs.”
Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer Martin Ebel agreed.
“I’m fully in support of this,” Ebel said. “I see this as complimentary to the work I’m doing here.”
Tessier said the information can be used by Community Futures, the town and chamber in capacity building, entrepreneurial development and technical assistance.
Tessier said he will try to arrange meetings in advance, but there is the possibility he will just drop in at businesses.

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