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Dissolution study set for Town of Granum

The MD of Willow Creek is in a wait-and-see position as a study on the dissolution of the Town of Granum starts.
Council reviewed a letter April 20 from Municipal Affairs Minister Hector Goudreau, indicating a dissolution study is moving forward.
Goudreau in the letter explained that on Feb. 4 he received a petition for a dissolution study for the Town of Granum.
As required under the Municipal Government Act Goudreau appointed a chief administrative officer to determine the sufficiency of the petition.
The chief administrative officer found the petition for a dissolution study to be insufficient under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act.
“However, having considered the close results on the sufficiency of the petition, and that a similar petition by the residents of Granum was submitted on Oct. 22, 2010, I have decided to undertake a dissolution study of the Town of Granum,” Goudreau wrote.
Before completing a dissolution study Goudreau must contact the local authorities that would be affected by the dissolution.
“If the town dissolved, it would become a hamlet in the MD of Willow Creek,” Goudreau noted. “Therefore, I am advising you of the outcome of the petition from the electors of the town.”
MD of Willow Creek chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti informed council she has since spoken with Alberta Municipal Affairs, who advised her several processes will take place.
Municipal Affairs will do a study of the operations of the Town of Granum, looking at aspects such as taxation and spending.
There will be a public hearing for all residents to participate, and, finally, a vote of the electorate of the Town of Granum will be held.
The MD of Willow Creek will not be involved in the study, but will be contacted once it is completed.
If the electorate votes to dissolve Granum, the MD of Willow Creek will be instructed to develop a governance model.
“There used to be funding in place if a village or town dissolved,” Vizzutti said. “There isn’t anymore.”
Vizzutti has been asked to speak to people in Granum about aspects of the issue, such as taxes, but will not do it and suggested councillors don’t either.
“The people of the Town of Granum have to determine their own destiny,” Vizzutti said.
Municipal Affairs also indicated to Vizzutti the matter will be resolved before the end of the year and the public meeting date was suggested for the late fall, with the vote shortly after.
“If Granum dissolves, you will have a huge urban impact on your municipality,” Vizzutti told council.

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