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Fort Macleod business visitation project begins

Community Futures Alberta Southwest, in cooperation with the Town of Fort Macleod Economic Development Commission and the Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce, has initiated a business visitation project.
Through this project, it is expected that information will be gathered that will allow Community Futures, the town, Chamber and other community leaders to more fully understand the needs of local businesses.
Businesses in Fort Macleod will be contacted July and August to sit down with program co-ordinator James Tessier to provide their feedback on a number of issues related to their business needs.
Owners and managers will be asked to address issues that range from basic business activities, to market conditions and the company’s primary market base, to labour force requirements, and the community’s strengths and weaknesses as a place to do business.
The visitation, with a brief survey, will take about 15 minutes and all information collected will be kept in strict confidence and released only in summarized form.
“The objective is to be comprehensive and contact as many Fort Macleod businesses as possible in order to gain an accurate picture of what the community requires to grow and where the potential for growth lies,” Community Futures Alberta Southwest manager Tony Walker said. “It is about gauging the pulse of the business community and equipping leaders with the information they need to make informed decisions about what affects our business community.”
Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer Martin Ebel said small and medium-sized enterprises are catalysts in the community.
“It is known that between 50 and 80 per cent of all new jobs are generated by these businesses,” Ebel said. “It is important to identify their needs and support their retention and growth in our community.”
Walker said this is the beginning of a program to reach all communities in the Community Futures Alberta Southwest region.
“The results of these initiatives and the information that Community Futures will gather can be used internally, and shared with our stakeholders, to assist in capacity building, entrepreneurial development and technical assistance.”
The Town of Fort Macleod Economic Development Commission would like to inform the business community that they should expect a visitation.
Advance arrangements may be made by the visitation co-ordinator, however due to the scope of the project expect contact at any time during the survey period.
Participation of all business owners and managers is critical to the success of this project.