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Harlem Crowns promise fans lots of entertainment

The Harlem Crowns are bringing clown-ball to Fort Macleod.
The Crowns — not to be confused with the Harlem Clowns, the lanky long-legged guys who trot the globe and entertain crowds in places like the Saddledome — will play the Flyers at 7 p.m. Thursday Jan. 20 in the F.P. Walshe school gym.
A spinoff of the legendary Harlem Globe Trotters, the Crowns are in the midst of a Canadian tour that will include stops in Fort Macleod and Pincher Creek.
Crowns point Herbie Scaife Jr. is looking forward to the encounter with the F.P. Walshe squad, promising a night of zany action that doesn’t pay too much attention to the score.
“That’s what I love about this team,” Scaife said from Oakland, California, the Crown’s home base. “I get to travel to so many different places and meet so many different people. That makes for one great experience.”
“And I just love all the games we play,” Scaife added.
What Scaife had in mind was all the antics the Crowns get into, and not merely the regulation four-quarter game they will play against the Flyers.
“The average person doesn’t get the opportunity to do what they love every day,” Scaife said. “I understand that I’m blessed to have the chance.”
Scaife played high school ball in Oakland, California, and then college ball in Washington, D.C. before signing up with the Crowns about 10 years ago. Since then he’s travelled most of North America from the team’s home base in Oakland continually developing routines that keep audiences in stitches.

Herbie Scaife Jr. and the Harlem Crowns bring their unique brand of basketball to F.P. Walshe school on Thursday, Jan. 20

“We play about 100 games a year,” Scaife said. “We play all over America and most of Canada.”
Flyers coach Clayton Orr got the idea to invite the Crowns to Fort Macleod in a conversation with his wife Barbara a while ago.
“We heard they were coming to Pincher Creek, and we thought it would be a great idea to have them come in and entertain for the community here in Fort Macleod . . . and maybe raise some money for the Flyers,” Orr said.
The Flyers are looking forward to the game.
“They’re pretty excited about it,” Orr said, “especially when I told them they’d all get to play.”
Both the junior and the senior varsity teams — all 15 players — will have court time with the Crowns, Orr said.
Orr is confident the community will jump at the chance to see some great basketball and at the same time support the Flyers.
“It costs about $650 for each kid to play ball, so we’re trying to cut that down to at least half that,” Orr explained.
Orr has another thing he hopes to accomplish by bringing the Crowns in.
“I’m hoping it will get some of the young ones enthused about basketball,” Orr said. “Kids in Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 . . . The Crowns are a bunch of good ball players who play a good brand of ball. This is going to be a fun time for families, and hopefully it will get the young out and create some enthusiasm.”
The Flyers have started selling advance tickets for the game at $9 each. They’ll be $10 at the door.

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