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Healing Shawls ministry is still providing comfort


Healing Shawl Ministry members in Fort Macleod. Front row, from left: Heather Hamacher, Huda Jubrail, Vicki Eden, Theresa Lambert, Renee Hurlburt, Eva David and Barbara Cote. Back row, from left: Edee Chester, Irene Shields, Carla Niers and Carole Cressman.

A group of Fort Macleod women are knitting and crocheting equal amounts of love and yarn into shawls for people in need of comfort.
The hand-made shawls may not always be perfect in technique, but they are always rich in compassion.
What matters is that they give comfort to someone.
The shawls are made during regular meetings and then delivered to comfort people who are experiencing physical or emotional pain.
The Healing Shawl Ministry was started in 1998 by Janet Bristow and Victoria Galo, who had attended the Women’s Leadership Institute at The Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Conn. It has spread across the whole world.
Shawls are given free of charge to people who are ill, undergoing medical procedures, dying or mourning someone who has died.
They are also given to people who are about to give birth or who are nursing or who have completed a rite of passage.
Fort Macleod is one of the latest communities to embrace the Healing Shawl philosophy.
Healing Shawls Ministry in Fort Macleod is non-denominational.
The people doing the knitting and crocheting say silent prayers for the recipient as they work on the shawls.
The shawls can be passed on to someone else. Once the shawl has done its work, the first recipient is encouraged to pass it along to someone else in need.
Since the Fort Macleod group started, it has given about 500 shawls. These shawls have given untold comfort and some have even been asked to be buried with their shawl — including a young girl who died from leukemia.
The Healing Shawls Ministry is here for everyone and anyone. There is never any cost.
Anyone who needs a shawl, or would like to join the group, can contact Barbara Cote at 403-553-4473.

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