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Heritage, history group is planned for Macleod

Fort Macleod residents have a chance to preserve their history before it’s lost.
A new heritage and history committee will be struck Monday, Jan. 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fort Macleod RCMP Centennial Library.
“I encourage everybody to come out if you have any interest in the history of Fort Macleod and district,” organizer Gordon MacIvor said.
The committee will be a branch of the Fort Macleod Historical Association, which recently directed MacIvor to lay the groundwork.
Fort Macleod has done an excellent job preserving its history as it relates to the arrival to this area in 1874 by the North West Mounted Police to establish law, order and good government.
The Fort — Museum of the North West Mounted Police and the 1884 North West Mounted Police Barracks provincial historic sites are prime examples.
There is more to Fort Macleod than just Mounties, however.
“There is just so much more out there,” MacIvor said.
MacIvor listed ranching, farming, retail business, transportation and railways as examples of parts of the fabric of life in Fort Macleod that are not preserved, interpreted and displayed in any formal way.
MacIvor said Fort Macleod’s two history books are full of information about the town and district that should be archived and possibly displayed.
“I could make a list of at least 40 topics,” MacIvor said. “There is a whole bunch of stuff out there.”
MacIvor said it is important that a unified effort be made to collect and archive documents and artifacts from the town’s history.
Finding a venue in which to display some of the “treasures” from the history of Fort Macleod and district is also up for consideration.
It will be up to the members of the heritage and history committee to determine the direction.
“These are the types of questions we should be talking about,” MacIvor said.
People with an interest in the history of Fort Macleod and district are encouraged to turn out Monday for a discussion.
“I want to start it informally,” MacIvor said. “Strength will come from the membership of the committee.”

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