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Macleod groups help set policing priorities

Two community groups have recommended priorities for policing in Fort Macleod.
The Traffic Safety Committee and the Crime Prevention Committee both gave input at the request of town council.
“These look pretty reasonable, actually,” Coun. Gord Wolstenholme said.
RCMP Sgt. Brent Hawker, who is in command of the Fort Macleod detachment, met earlier this year with council.
Hawker asked council to provide its input for policing priorities for the coming year in Fort Macleod.
Council decided to seek its own input from the Fort Macleod Crime Prevention Committee as well as the Fort Macleod Traffic Safety Network.
Crime Prevention Committee chairman Conrad Van Hierden wrote to suggest the following priorities:

  • To reduce the incidence of speeding on the highways running through Fort Macleod.
  • To begin to enforce the 11 p.m. curfew for youth in Fort Macleod that is already on the books.
  • “The curfew is an interesting one,” Mayor Shawn Patience said. “I was surprised to see that come up.”

  • To reduce the incidence of drug trafficking and substance abuse in Fort Macleod.
  • To build positive relationships within schools and within the community at large with the goal of identifying and reducing family violence and domestic abuse in Fort Macleod.

“We thank you for the opportunity to suggest these priorities and will support both the town and the RCMP in the attempt to achieve the above-mentioned goals,” Van Hierden added.
Werner Dressler, who chairs the Fort Macleod Traffic Safety Network provided the following priorities:

  • The (high) speeds at which vehicles travel on the one-ways through town.
  • The intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 3 at the east entrance to Fort Macleod.
  • “The issue is people are blowing through the stop signs and we’d like the police to catch them,” said Coun. Trevor Curran, who represents council on the Traffic Safety Network. “They want people to get ticketed for going through the stop signs. The same for speeding through town.”

  • Increased policing of the intersections of Highway 2 and Highway 3 at Lyndon Road.

“Thank you for the opportunity to recommend areas of concern related to traffic,” Dressler added. “We support the Town of Fort Macleod and RCMP in all your efforts to achieving a safe community.”
Council will forward the priorities to the RCMP.

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