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Macleod MP Menzies gets cabinet post

Macleod MP Ted Menzies is the new Minister of State for Finance. Menzies was appointed to the post last week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Five years of hard work — the last three as parliamentary secretary for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty — have paid off for Macleod MP Ted Menzies.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week named Menzies to the newly-created cabinet post of minister of state for finance.
“I was pretty excited,” Menzies said in a telephone interview. “I’m flattered and honoured he would ask me to take on this role.”
The appointment to the junior cabinet position came close to Menzies’ fifth anniversary as MP.
Menzies, who last year was named the hardest-working MP, said getting a cabinet post is special.
“It’s something MPs dream of during their careers, but few get the chance,” Menzies said.
The prime minister said Menzies earned the position.
“Ted’s new role . . . recognizes the increasing work load that he has undertaken while serving as Flaherty’s parliamentary secretary during the challenges of the global recession,” Harper said in a news release.
As minister of state for finance, Menzies will take on some of the duties held by Flaherty, who is the longest-serving finance minister in the G20.
“He is looked at as a guide and a leader,” Menzies said.
Menzies is working on the 2011 budget the government will table sometime in March.
The Macleod MP had just finished a two-hour meeting with the prime minister on Monday.
“For him (Harper), the economy is the most important focus,” Menzies said.
Menzies feels well-prepared for the job, thanks to the confidence Flaherty showed in his parliamentary secretary.
“He involved me more than a lot of parliamentary secretaries are involved.”
Menzies and Flaherty will tour Canada to talk to business people and the public for input into the 2011 budget.
Menzies said Monday it is critical that elected officials listen to the voters.
“That’s why I come home every week,” Menzies said. “To hear what the folks in Keith Carlson’s restaurant on Main Street Claresholm have to say. That’s important to me.”
The new budget will be critical for Canada.
“Our recovery is fragile and we don’t want to make any mistakes,” Menzies said. “It’s a daunting task but I’m excited to be in that role.”

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