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Macleod MP Menzies returns to cabinet post

Macleod MP Ted Menzies was reappointed minister of state for finance by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Ted Menzies is returning to his role as minister of state for finance.
The Macleod MP was part of the new cabinet Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Wednesday.
“With a renewed mandate and a national majority, Canadians can count on this Government to pursue measures that create jobs and growth, support seniors, protect our health-care system, fight against crime and reduce and eliminate the deficit,” Harper said.
The Conservatives formed a majority government in the May 2 federal election with 167 seats.
Menzies, who was first elected in 2004, easily won as he received 40,008 votes.
Harper in January named the 59-year-old Menzies to the newly-created cabinet post of minister of state for finance.
“I am honoured to carry on as minister of state for finance, and I thank the prime minister for this opportunity,” Menzies said. “I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Macleod and all Canadians. I am privileged to be able to work to strengthen our economy and to help implement the next phase of our low-tax plan.”
Both Harper and Menzies looks forward to implementing Budget 2011.
“Our low-tax plan for jobs and growth will strengthen the financial security of hard-wording Canadians and help ensure Canada continues to be one of the top-performing advanced economies in the world,” Harper said.
Menzies agreed.
“Canadians endorsed our record and platform by electing a strong, stable, majority Conservative government,” Menzies said. “They know they can count on our team which has a proven track record and the experience to govern for the good of all Canadians. With a renewed mandate and a national majority, Canadians can count on this government to focus on the economy and job creation.”
Menzies previously served as parliamentary secretary to the ministers of International Trade, International Co-operation, and Finance.
“The new ministry is fundamentally about stability and continuity,” Harper said of his new cabinet. “It represents the right mix of experience and new blood. It is the right group of men and women to lead the job of keeping Canada moving forward towards greater prosperity.”
“The new cabinet team has strong representation from all regions, and it will hit the ground running.”

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  1. Terry Says:

    Police brutality and coverup under Harper. And if you really want to know how Harper is spending your money, even though you still have secrecy in Ottawa just go to here:

    Job huh? Watch while Menzies dumps the Wheat Board and all the farmers are out of work!