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MD opposes ban on importing horses for slaughter

The MD of Willow Creek will write a letter expressing its opposition to a proposed ban on the importation of horses for slaughter .
The letter will be sent to Macleod MP Ted Menzies as well as the MP who put forward the bill creating the ban, and the leaders of the three federal opposition parties.
Coun. Glen Alm reported Dec. 15 that he talked to Menzies about opposing the ban.
Menzies suggested the MD of Willow Creek write a letter to MP Alex Atmanenko, who put forth the bill, and the three opposition leaders.
“I still think we should write a letter of opposition,” Alm said.
Council passed a motion to write a letter and send copies to the appropriate parties.
It was also suggested the MD of Willow Creek sponsor a resolution to be sent to the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties and the Foothills-Little Bow Association.
That resolution reads the association lobby the federal government and members of opposition parties of Canada to withdraw or defeat Bill C-544 as presented by Atmanenko.
The preamble to the resolution reads that:

  • Bill C-544, a bill to ban the importation of horses for slaughter in Canada has been introduced in the House of Commons in the fall sitting of 2010.
  • Bill C-544 would have a negative impact on the horse slaughter business in Canada.
  • Bill C-544 would remove the right of Canadians and residents from other countries to access Canadian horse meat.
  • Bill C-544 does not provide for the management of unwanted horses leaving them to die of starvation versus being processed for food in a world where over one quarter of the earth’s human population struggles to find enough to eat.

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