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Rains’ single is nominated for people’s choice award

Johnny Rains has entered his song ‘Chevy Do Dab' in the sixth annual Aboriginal People's Choice Awards.

Johnny Rains is hoping for a deluge of votes for his entry in the sixth annual Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards.
The first round of voting in the contest, in which Johnny Rains Band’s song “Chevy Do Da” is in competition for single of the year, began Friday and runs until Aug. 18.
The next round of voting gets under way at 11 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 25.
The Aboriginal Music Awards Program is fan-based and provides free on-line registration for voters from around the world at
Johnny Scout, who goes by the stage name Johnny Rains, was inspired to enter the competition when he watched the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards in November 2010, with his late grandfather, Leo Day Chief.
Born and raised in Lethbridge, Rains later moved to his grandfather’s ranch on the Blood Reserve.
“It is an emotional ride, but I am determined and I want to fulfill this years’ goal in dedication to my grandfather,” Rains said in a news release.
Rains also became involved with the Lethbridge chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research in tribute too his grandfather, who died from the disease.
Rains, who graduated from Cardston high school, is also a nominee for an Alberta Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award.
Rains wrote ‘Chevy Do Da’ and sings the song, with Lance Scout playing bass guitar.
“I guess every artist is filled with many emotions which is why we are able to use our talents to release words or actions that we cannot sometimes say or do,” Rains said. “I am lucky that I can sing. I like to give back and make people feel good through my music.
The awards will be presented at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg.
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