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RCMP working on goals set by Macleod, Granum

Fort Macleod RCMP have stepped up enforcement of traffic laws in Fort Macleod and Granum.
That’s one of the goals in the detachment’s annual performance improvement plan.
Each year the RCMP seeks input on policing priorities in the community from the Fort Macleod, Granum and MD of Willow Creek councils.
“From that we set out a performance improvement plan,” RCMP Sgt. Brent Hawker said.
Hawker appeared Aug. 22 as a delegation at the Fort Macleod council meeting.
Hawker told council the community’s input is valuable as the detachment sets its goals.
“This year we came up with five initiatives,” Hawker said.
In addition to stepping up traffic enforcement in Fort Macleod and Granum, the RCMP are also raising their profile in Granum and enhancing relationships with youth.
The RCMP so far this year have issued 43 tickets in Fort Macleod, including 11 for speeding.
The goal set out in the detachment’s annual performance plan was 50 tickets.
“We’re well on our way,” Hawker said of the goal of issuing 50 tickets.
The number of tickets being issued caught the attention of Fort Macleod Mayor Shawn Patience.
“The goal is not to write traffic tickets,” Patience said. “The goal is to get people to slow down.”
Hawker responded that the number of tickets issued is a way in which the RCMP can evaluate whether they are being effective in traffic enforcement.
“We need to have some way of measuring if we’re effective,” Hawker said.
In Granum the RCMP have already topped their annual goal of 10 tickets by issuing 13, including 11 for speeding.
The Town of Granum also asked the RCMP to increase their visibility in the community in order to deter crime.
In response the police have made 120 patrols in Granum, with a target of 200 in a year.
“We’re well on our way to the 200 set out by the community,” Hawker said.
Another goal in the annual performance improvement plan is to improve relationships with young people.
The RCMP is working on that by increasing school visits and plans to make more formal presentations to students.
The RCMP is also working with the Fort Macleod Crime Prevention Advisory Committee to implement the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program.
The program rewards young people aged 14 to 17 years with bronze, silver and gold medals for achievements in areas such as community Service and personal skill development.
The RCMP also set for themselves the goals of reducing the impact of organized crime and improving individual training.

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