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Riley Horvath named to football all-star team

Riley Horvath of Fort Macleod will play for the South team on Monday, May 23 in the annual Senior Bowl at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.

Defensive end Riley Horvath of the Catholic Central Cougars chalked up some significant honours this year.
Horvath, who grew up in Coaldale but now lives on a farm 15 minutes south of Fort Macleod, has been selected for the South team in the annual Senior Bowl.
Horvath was among 150 graduating Grade 12 football players in southern Alberta who came together at McMahon Stadium in Calgary on April 15-17 to try out for the all-star team.
Horvath made the pick.
Now he’ll be playing against the North team in Football Alberta’s 22nd annual Senior Bowl high school all-star game at McMahon Stadium on Monday May 23.
Horvath, 18, also received the league’s defensive line all-star award for the second year in a row.
And Horvath earned the Cougar’s Defensive Player of the Year team honour as well.
Add to all that a scholarship with the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds.
All this for a guy who just a few years ago was considered an “average player” with the Junior Cougars in Lethbridge.
“I started playing organized football when in Grade 8 at St. Francis junior high school,” Horvath said. “At the time I was a very average player seeing moderate field time. After that season I began to make attempts to increase my size and speed so that I could become competitive. It just snowballed from that point and I began to play an increasingly greater role in the Cougar organization.”
Now standing six foot three and weighing 220 pounds, Horvath led his team in sacks this year and capped things off by winning the defensive player awards.
“My position adapted to certain defensive situations,” Horvath explained. “For example, first and 10 versus third and one — in which case I was integrated into playing both defensive end and outside linebacker positions.”
His performance helped the Cougars, after a tumultuous year, to end the season with a Tier 2 provincial championship.
“I was very pleased with my performance this year,” Horvath said.
According to a letter he received from Football Alberta his placement to the South team puts him among the top one per cent of high school football players in the province.
“I’d never thought of myself in relationship to the province as a whole,” Horvath said.
“Being selected to the provincial all-star team is an interesting and great way to finish off my high school football career.”
“I’m excited with the opportunity to play in one last high school game,” Horvath said. “I’ll be a teammate with great southern Alberta players I’ve competed with throughout high school.”
“There’s a good deal of pressure to perform in a game like this,” Horvath continued. “You’re playing against, and with, Alberta’s best athletes . . . while being looked at by junior and university football recruiters.”
“But for me, the pressure of being watched has been slightly alleviated, since I’ve already committed to a scholarship with the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds.”
Horvath accepted a scholarship deal with the Thunderbirds a couple of months ago and has enrolled in UBC’s biology program.
“The University of British Columbia has been constantly ranked as one of the top schools in the world and hopefully I will have an opportunity to be successful after I complete school and finish football.”

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