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School enrollment down; but higher than projected

Student enrollment in Livingstone Range School Division continues to decline but the numbers are higher than projected for budgeting.
Trustees last week viewed the Sept. 12 enrollment figures presented by associate superintendent for business affairs Don Olsen.
The preliminary enrollment is 3605.5 full-time equivalent students which is up 155 from the projected number but down 64 students from Sept. 30, 2010.
Funding provided by the provincial government is based on the number of full-time equivalent students at Sept. 30.
“It’s good from where we were budget-wise,” Olsen said.
The enrollment numbers of full-time equivalent students as of Sept. 12 are:

  • Granum school — 59.5, which is 3.5 more than projected and 29.5 less than last year, noting transportation changes and the closure of the Fresh Start program have reduced enrollment.
  • Fort Macleod

  • W.A. Day school — 164.5, which is 40.5 more than projected and 16 more than last year.
  • G.R. Davis school — 143, which is four more than projected and eight less than last year.
  • F.P. Walshe school – 347, which is 12 more than projected and six less than last year.
  • Walshe Crossroads Central — 61, which is 23 more than projected and 22 more than last year.
  • Claresholm

  • West Meadow elementary — 289.5, which is 16.5 more than projected and 5.5 more than last year.
  • Willow Creek Composite – 431, which is 17 more than projected and 13 less than last year.
  • Outreach North — 15, which is five less than projected and the same as last year.
  • Stavely

  • Stavely elementary — 48, which is 0.5 more than projected and 1.5 less than last year.
  • Nanton

  • A.B. Daley school — 211, which is 13.5 more than projected and one less than last year.
  • J.T. Foster school — 203, which is two more than projected and one less than last year.
  • Pincher Creek

  • Canyon school — 278, which is 17 more than projected and 30 less than last year.
  • Matthew Halton school – 340, which is five more than projected and three more than last year.
  • Outreach West — 17, which is three less than projected and three more than last year.
  • Lundbreck

  • Livingstone school – 195.5, which is 6.5 more than projected and nine less than last year.
  • Crowsnest Pass

  • Horace Allen school – 149, which is four more than projected and 11 more than last year.
  • Isabelle Sellon school — 123, which is one less than projected and 20 less than last year.
  • Crowsnest Consolidated — 315, which is one more than projected and three less than last year.
  • Colony schools

  • A total of 215, which is two less than projected and 2.5 less than last year.

The final numbers will come in on Sept. 30.

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