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Sophmore Jakes to launch new CD

Sophmore Jakes

Sophmore Jakes Geoff Markey, Kris Goodfellow, Ryland Moranz and Jessie Goodfellow.

Some bands never make it past their first few practices. For Fort Macleod’s Sophmore Jakes those practices seem like a long ways off.
About to release their second full length album “There’s More to Life than Satellites” Sophmore Jakes have escaped the fate of most small town bands and made a home for themselves in their own brand of pop punk rock.
Rounding out Sophmore Jakes is bassist Geoff Markey, lead singer and guitarist Ryland Moranz, drummer Jessie Goodfellow, band wrangler Cooper Fleming and the band’s newest edition, Kris Goodfellow, on moog.
“We ended up playing a lot of synth on this record,” Moranz joked. “By the time we’d come back from recording we’d realized that we’d need someone on the keys to keep us honest live.”
The addition of a new member is far from the all that’s new with Fort Macleod’s pop punkers. With shows to promote and celebrate their new album, on Friday, April 1 at Holy Cross Parish Hall and Saturday, April 2 at the Slice in Lethbridge, the band will be showcasing new material backed by some of Alberta’s best new talent.
Joining them are Edmonton’s newest pop punk phenomenon Freshman Years and Lethbridge’s own Berserker.
“There’s some really great talent in Alberta” Cooper Fleming said. “It’s not every day you get to have amazing bands to help kick off your new record.”
Sophmore Jakes spent most of August 2010 in Edmonton’s Sound Extractor Studio living the real life dream of workaday musicians.
“We’d never done anything like this before, with our last album we recorded because we’d written a bunch of songs over the years,” Moranz said. “But with this one we just decided one night that it was time to record again and started writing from nothing. After six months we were nearly finished.”
“The writing process was really different in that we’d discovered how well we work under pressure. I’ve never been as proud of anything as I am of these songs.”
The rest of the band seems as pleased with the final product as Moranz does.
“I could do this for the rest of my life,” said Jessie Goodfellow, for whom this was his first real recording experience with the band. “As soon as we were back home I wanted to go back up, so we’ve started writing again for the next one.”
Along with a string of dates across Alberta that will see the Sophmore Jakes as busy as ever they’ll be touring western Canada in support of their new album and are excited for the opportunity to showcase their new riffs and beats across the country.
“Touring is the best” quipped Markey. “There’s nothing like waking up and playing a show.”
Sophmore Jakes will also be closing a night of the North Country Fair this June near Athabasca, a prospect that has the band reeling with excitement.
“I’m super stoked for this show,” Kris Goodfellow said. “It’s gonna be one far out show.”
The miles traveled, physically and metaphorically are not lost on the five Fort Macleod residents.
“I’ve always been a musician, and I’ll always be a musician,” Moranz said. “What’s really great is I feel like I’m part of a country club instead of having a job. We’ve never had as much fun doing something before and I think it really shows in everything we do. I’m proud to be a Sophmore. It’s awesome.”

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