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Terry Daniel pitches Chamber membership

Terry Daniel won’t rest until he reaches the century mark.
Daniel is determined to sign up at least 100 Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce members in 2011.
So far Daniel has 39 businesses signed up, thanks to a straight-forward pitch.
“Whenever I’ve been in business the thought was you always have to give back to the community,” Daniel said. “I tell them we need new people and new ideas.”
Daniel provided an update Thursday on the 2001 Chamber membership drive.
Daniel, who volunteered to head the membership drive, told Chamber members gathered for the monthly luncheon at Luigi’s Pizza and Steak House there is no shortage of potential members.
“It’s amazing that there are so many businesses here that we could sign on,” Daniel said.
Two hundred and 50 businesses hold licences with the Town of Fort Macleod.
Those businesses were sent an application and information about the Chamber of Commerce in the mail.
Daniel is now following up with phone calls and visits.
“It’s been a very interesting time, talking to people,” Daniel said. “I’m getting a lot of stories.”
Some business owners want to know what the Chamber of Commerce is, and what benefits it provides to members.
Other business owners admit to holding a grudge against the Chamber for its position supporting the realignment of Highway 2 and Highway 3, which will take the road around town.
Still others are holding a unspecified grudge against the Chamber of Commerce for some real or perceived slight.
Daniel counters arguments with the stand the Chamber of Commerce is good for the community, through its organization of events such as the annual antique sale and show, which attracts people to town and stirs economic activity.
Daniel also noted it was the Chamber of Commerce that was asked to organize the luncheon at which Premier Ed Stelmach last month announced there would be money in the provincial budget to build the police college in Fort Macleod.
Daniel also explains to prospective members the benefits available to businesses through Chamber membership, such as an employee benefit plan.
Daniel noted Thursday that the Claresholm Chamber of Commerce has 118 members, and the one in Pincher Creek has 108 members.
“It’s going along,” Daniel said. “It’s slow going but I’m still shooting for 100.”
Chamber members praised Daniel for his determined efforts.
“I want to commend Terry for doing this,” Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer Martin Ebel said. “Building the Chamber is a process and it might take a few years. The more people who come on board, the more we can do.”
Chamber president Emily McTighe also thanked Daniel.
“I’m very appreciative that Terry has done this,” McTighe said.