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Willow Creek Composite modernization is funded

Fort Macleod moved Wednesday to the top of Livingstone Range School Division’s facility priorities list.
The province announced funding for modernization of Willow Creek Composite high school in Claresholm, which for years has been the school board’s No. 1 priority.
“That moves Fort Macleod to the top of the list,” Fort Macleod Mayor Shawn Patience said.
Modernizing F.P. Walshe school and W.A. Day school and closing G.R. Davis school is the second priority on Livingstone Range’s facilities plan.
Modernizing Willow Creek Composite into a Grade 7-12 school is the No. 1 priority.
“We are very pleased to have the Claresholm school modernization included in today’s announcement,” Livingstone Range School Board chairman Dick Peterson said. “The school and the community have worked hard in planning the modernized school and we are looking forward to working with them to bring it to our students.”
The province did not say how much money will be dedicated to the Willow Creek Composite project, or when it will be forthcoming.
The province announced Wednesday 35 schools across Alberta will be built or modernized at an estimated cost of $550-million.
“This is part of a government investment to address growing student enrollments in some of the fastest growing communities in Alberta and responds to concerns we’ve been hearing for some time,” Premier Ed Stelmach said. “Our students are the future leaders of our province and deserve positive learning environments.”
Education Minister Dave Hancock estimated Alberta’s student population in 2020 will be about 700,000 students compared to the 600,000 students in 2011.
“Education is fundamental to the future of our communities and our province,” Hancock said. “With this investment, we are ensuring that our students have safe, caring, respectful and modern learning environments.”
Twenty-two new and replacement schools will be built in Alberta’s fastest-growing communities including Airdrie, Beaumont and Fort McMurray.
Thirteen existing schools, including Willow Creek Composite, will be modernized
Projects will be delivered through a combination of public-private partnerships and regional bundles. This approach allows projects to be completed faster than would otherwise be possible, while taking full advantage of core school designs, economies of scale and private-sector innovations.
“This is a great day for the students and community of Claresholm,” Livingstone-Macleod MLA Evan Berger said. “The voices of this community have been heard and government has responded appropriately.”

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