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Willow Creek MD looks at hiring ‘county mountie’

In some rural municipalities he’s called the “county mountie,” an RCMP member who works for the county or municipal district.
The MD of Willow Creek is now looking at the cost and potential of having an enhanced police position.
Council was advised Sept. 21 by chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti of the merits of such a program, and has been talking to Sgt. Terry Wickett of the Claresholm RCMP about it.
Vizzutti reported the MD of Pincher Creek has an enhanced, full-time police officer who can not only enforce municipal by-laws but also overweight loads on roads and highways, dangerous dogs, unsecured loads and much more.
The position is managed by the RCMP but reports to the MD of Pincher Creek.
The cost is about $125,000 but $30,000 to $40,000 of that is offset by the fines generated by the position.
This RCMP member also looks after the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and COP (Citizens On Patrol) programs.
The MD of Pincher Creek had its RCMP member for a three-year contract and just signed another three-year deal with him.
Vizzutti noted with that same fine revenue the MD of Willow Creek could have an RCMP member for the same cost as a first level community peace officer.
Vizzutti also said Wickett could arrange to have a representative of the RCMP talk to council.
Council then instructed administration to invite the RCMP to make a presentation at one of council’s meetings in October.

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