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Willow Creek, Nanton to share peace officers

The MD of Willow Creek has agreed to a proposal from the Town of Nanton for a three-year agreement to share enforcement services.
MD of Willow Creek council reviewed a proposal Nov. 16 from Town of Nanton director of municipal enforcement George Woof and chief administrative officer Brad Mason.
Woof and Mason proposed the Town of Nanton hire a third officer to assist with this joint venture.
All officers would rotate through the MD of Willow Creek on a weekly basis, offering 40 hours per week.
Some of the duties performed include over-weight enforcement; traffic enforcement, including speeding; and by-law services to the MD of Willow Creek and potentially Stavely and Granum.
The peace officers would make daily patrols through the MD of Willow Creek and potentially Stavely and Granum, and would patrol campgrounds.
The peace officers would also take part in joint-force operations with neighbouring enforcement agencies and the RCMP.
MD of Willow Creek chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti recommended this proposal because it best meets the municipality’s needs for enforcement.
Vizzutti did some research on what the Nanton community peace officers do and was impressed.
“(Nanton) gets good service,” Vizzutti said. “George is highly thought of in the industry.”
“I think we’re going to get a highly professional service from them,” Vizzutti added. “I would be very confident in the process George has presented.”
The other option the MD of Willow Creek was considering was an enhanced RCMP position to handle enforcement.
Council then passed a resolution to enter into a three-year agreement with the Town of Nanton for enforcement services.
Vizzutti advised council she will bring the contract back to council for approval.

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