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Woman jailed seven days for breaching court order

A 43-year-old woman who breached court orders by having liquor and staying out past her curfew went to jail Wednesday for seven days.
Michelle Beaudoin pleaded guilty in Fort Macleod provincial court to a charge of breach of court-ordered conditions.
“Miss Beaudoin needs to know, and the public needs to know, the court takes these orders seriously and there will be consequences,” Judge Sylvia Oishi said.
Beaudoin pleaded guilty in October to a charge of theft under $5,000 related to the theft of $1,700 from the Royal Canadian Legion in Claresholm.
Beaudoin would sell Nevada tickets at the Legion and not deposit the money.
Beaudoin, who admitted she was taking the money to feed a crack cocaine habit, paid the $1,700 back to the Legion.
Judge Gerald Debow gave Beaudoin a six-month conditional sentence order with a curfew that requires her to be in her residence from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily.
Beaudoin must abstain from alcohol and drugs and is to take counselling for substance abuse as recommended by her probation officer.
On Wednesday court learned that on Nov. 18, just two days after she reported to a probation officer, Beaudoin had contact with the RCMP because her car was stuck in a snowbank.
There was open liquor in the car and it was about 10:30 p.m.
Defence lawyer Patrick Lannan made the case for Beaudoin to stay out of jail, pointing out she is the single mother of two children, has started addictions counselling and came to court with a letter of recommendation from her employer.
“Basically it was stupid,” Beaudoin said. “I’m finally getting out of the hole I put myself in with my drug addiction and I’d like to stay above ground. And I’m sorry.”
Judge Oishi said it is not enough for people to say they’re sorry when they breach court orders.
“Conditional sentence orders, when issued, the court makes it absolutely clear that if there is a breach the accused could spend the rest of their time in jail,” Judge Oishi said.
Judge Oishi said she took into consideration that Beaudoin is a single mother, is gainfully employed and that the theft charge is the only one on her record.
Judge Oishi suspended the conditional sentence order for seven days and sent Beaudoin to jail for that period.
Once Beaudoin completes the jail sentence, the terms of the conditional sentence order resume.

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