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Blackfoot legends form student art exhibition

Speaker, Peter Weasel Moccasin

Peter Weasel Moccasin talks about one of the Blackfoot legends depicted in the exhibition

Blackfoot legends art display

The work of Walshe Crossroads Campus students is displayed at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Blackfoot legends are showcased in a new art exhibition at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.
Walshe Crossroads Campus students created 21 acrylic paintings based on a variety of Blackfoot legends.
“The Blackfoot culture has a very rich oral story-telling history, and there were many Blackfoot legends to choose from including the story of Chief Mountain, the Buffalo Stone, the Seven Brothers and Creation,” artist in residence Carmen Drapeau said. “Some students chose legends that were told to them by grandparents and parents.”
The first “Blackfoot Legends” exhibition by students at the outreach school was in 2009.
Teacher Karen Krammer had a vision of an exhibition that challenged each student to select a Blackfoot legend and create a painting that depicts an aspect of the legend that meant something to them.
Students first designed and composed their images onto paper, then transferred the images onto primed plywood.

The Seven Brothers painting

‘The Seven Brothers,' painted by Joanne Okemaysim, refers to the Big Dipper constellation.

The paintings were done in acrylic paint, and then sprayed with clear varathane to protect them.
Each painting depicts a Blackfoot legend accompanied by a short interpretation beside it that viewers can read.
Students whose work is on display are Junior English, Sherwyn Big Throat, Sacha Heavy Runner, Joel Rabbit, Joanne Okemaysim, Trent Crow Chief, Kalvin Bastien, Shaye Iron Shirt, Joley Iron Shirt, Markus Grier, Shonesty Crow Chief, Tori Pilling, Jay North Piegan, Austin Black Water, T.J. Knowlton, Jasmine Walburger, Danielle White Quills, Doug English, Waylon Crow, Skye Standing Alone and Jesse Smith.