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Chamber membership showing strong growth

Membership in the Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce continues to grow.
Fifty-four businesses had joined the Chamber by the end of February, an increase of 24 from the previous month.
“Strangely enough, some of the old standbys aren’t in yet,” membership co-ordinator Terry Daniel said.
Twenty-one of the 2012 members did not belong to the Chamber last year.
Daniel reported on 2012 membership during the Chamber’s March luncheon at Luigi’s Pizza and Steak House.
“That’s very encouraging that we have 21 new members,” Chamber president Srecko Ponjavic said. “I think the positive thing is the trend is up.”
Daniel mailed 265 membership packages in January to licensed businesses in Fort Macleod.
Daniel said he is now making personal visits to businesses to encourage them to join.
“It’s going well, so we’ll keep going,” Daniel said.
Chamber members praised Daniel for the work he is doing on behalf of the organization.
“I think a lot of the (growth) is a result of the work you are doing,” Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer Martin Ebel said.
Daniel continues to focus on his goal.
“I’m still shooting for 100 members,” Daniel said.
Membership in the Chamber of Commerce helps fund the numerous activities the organization undertakes for the benefit of Fort Macleod.
The Chamber of Commerce organizes the highly successful antique sale and show each year, and has representation on other community groups including the Economic Development Commission and Fort Macleod Historical Association.
The Chamber organizes the Midnight Madness late-night shopping event during the Christmas Festival, the Christmas Shopping Spree promotion, the Christmas light contest and the New Year’s Baby promotion.
The Chamber last year resurrected its awards program.
The Fort Macleod group is a member of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, which operates several programs available to all Chamber members in the province.
The Alberta Chamber administers a staff benefits plan, a discount gasoline program, and a discount program for major hotels.
It also provides members a lower rate for operating credit card and Interac machines.
The Chamber has maintained its membership fees at the same level as last year.
“We’re in line with what the rest of the Chambers are doing,” Daniel said.
The Fort Macleod Chamber’s membership fee structure is as follows:


  • 25 a year for non-business individual membership.
  • $

  • 75 a year for businesses with one employee.
  • $

  • 100 a year for businesses with two to 10 employees.
  • $

  • 125 a year for businesses with 11 to 49 employees.
  • $

  • 175 a year for businesses with 50 to 75 employees.
  • $

  • 200 a year for businesses with 76 or more employees.

For information about becoming a Chamber of Commerce member phone Terry Daniel at 403-553-3991.