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Council pays up-front costs of arena lobby renovations

Renovation of the Fort Macleod and District Sports Centre lobby will start this month.
Council agreed April 9 to provide a $230,000 loan to be paid back by the committee in charge of the project.
“My personal opinion is let’s go, let’s get it done,” said Coun. Gord Wolstenholme, who represents council on the project committee. “We’re ready to go.”
The project includes new washrooms, handicap access and a new concession area to serve both the hockey and curling arenas.
In order for the work to be done in time for the start of hockey and curling seasons next fall, the project has to start in mid April.
The committee’s challenge is that all the funding is not in place, and asked town council to consider carrying the unfunded liability until it can be repaid.
Council called project engineer MPE Engineering Ltd. and construction manager Ward Bros. Construction to the April 9 meeting to discuss the project costs.
Council learned that with a contingency fund, the project budget is $560,000.
The Town of Fort Macleod and MD of Willow Creek councils have each agreed to contribute $100,000 to the project.
Minor Hockey and the Fort Macleod Curling Club will each contribute $25,000, and the committee intends to seek about $20,000 from local service clubs and other grant programs.
The committee earlier received $80,000 in Municipal Sustainability Program funding from the Town of Fort Macleod and MD of Willow Creek.
The committee applied for a $125,000 Community Facility Enhancement Program grant from the province, but has not yet heard if it has been approved.
“The bottom line is, are you prepared to cover $230,000?” Mayor Shawn Patience told council.
Wolstenholme reminded council the Town of Fort Macleod agreed to provide up-front funding of $300,000 so the $650,000 renovation of the Fort Macleod and District Community Hall could proceed.
The project was completed in 2005 and by 2010 the committee had repaid the Town of Fort Macleod.
Wolstenholme said he is confident the committee spearheading the arena lobby renovations will meet its commitment.
“They know they have to raise the extra $100,000,” Wolstenholme said.
Council voted in favour of Wolstenholme’s motion that the Town of Fort Macleod carry the $230,000 unfunded liability, with the money to be paid back by the committee.

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  1. Tracey Says:

    Ok its great that this town wants to improve on a commonly used facility with in the community but what is this town working on the make it a desirable place to live. There is nothing that attracts the people that live here to stay nor does it attract people to move to this town. You drive or walk through you see a UGLY green space along the one way heading west, that has weeds and tree branches from about 2 years ago. You drive of walk along the one way heading east and you see a run down building with graffiti on it from 2 years ago, and a broken batting cage. You go for a picnic wilderness park and there is garbage everywhere due inconveniently place trash cans. There is Garbage in the street that have not moved for 2 weeks (pair of pant and half broken T.V) I don’t think I have even seen a Town worker WORK. I would love to know where my tax payer money goes to but at the same time I think ignorance is bliss.