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Council set to sell Main Street Office and airport rec hall

Airport Recreation Hall

The Airport Recreation Hall will be put on sale early in 2012

The Town of Fort Macleod will put “for sale” signs on some of its property this year, including the Main Street Office.
After carrying out an extensive facility review council voted Dec. 23 to sell the Main Street Office and the airport recreation hall.
“These decisions are part of an overall review we’re doing of facilities,” Mayor Shawn Patience said. “We have a large number of buildings and properties that are expensive to operate and maintain and it’s our desire to achieve greater efficiencies by amalgamating as many of our departments under one roof as possible.”
Council has been reviewing town-owned property the past year, evaluating the benefit of doing necessary upgrades against the costs of carrying out that work and ongoing maintenance.
Patience said council’s goal is to streamline Town of Fort Macleod operations while reducing the cost of upgrading and maintaining aging buildings.

Main Street Office

Fort Macleod council has decided to sell the Main Street Office following a review of facilities owned by the Town of Fort Macleod

“It starts by liquidating some of our facilities and reallocating those resources,” Patience said.
Council in July hired a Lethbridge firm to appraise the value of the Main Street Office at 258 24th St., the airport recreation hall at 141 Primrose Ave. and the building in which the electrical department is housed at 238 13th St..
Council at that time decided not to have the jail cells building at 603 22nd St., which the town owned and leased to the RCMP, appraised.
“We will be looking to demolish, rezone to residential and sell the old jail cell property as part of the overall program,” Patience said.
The town-owned jail cell building was no longer needed by the RCMP when it moved into its new detachment on Eighth Avenue.
The Town of Fort Macleod is already investigating new premises for the Family and Community Support Services department, which is housed in the Main Street Office.
The former visitor information centre at the east end of Main Street was also part of council’s facility review.
The future of that building was secured, at least in the short-term, when council agreed to provide the building to Alberta Treasury Board and Enterprise.
The regional development branch of Alberta Treasury Board and Enterprise will provide $225,000 over three years to hire a small business advisor who will work out of the former visitor information centre.
The pilot program is intended to provide information and support services to small businesses in rural communities such as Fort Macleod.
The Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce will pay utilities for the former visitor information centre in return for being allowed to establish and office and storage space there.
Patience said council has more work to do to solidify the facilities issue for the Town of Fort Macleod.
“Part of our goal is to get the electric department and public works under one roof and of course ideally all our office departments into one new town hall facility, all in an effort to promote operational efficiencies, cost-savings and promote better communication between departments,” Patience said.
The Main Street Office was previously home to the Main Street Program staff and the Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer.
The airport recreation hall is used by the 2309 Fort Macleod Army Cadets and the Fort Macleod Pottery Guild.
Council in January will discuss how to proceed with the sale of the Main Street Office and the airport recreation hall.

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