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Granum school Grade 9s urged to choose own path

granum grads

Granum school Grade 9 students, from left: Donna-Jean Charron, Sanchez Zettel, Zach Guenther, Nick Martens, Bertie Heatlie, Angel Richards and Macailla Parkin

Seven was the lucky number Wednesday at Granum school.
That’s how many students were honoured during the annual Grade 9 graduation ceremony in the school gymnasium.
The Grade 9 students were encouraged to take charge as they leave Granum school for the next stage of their educational journey.
“You have to take the steering wheel in your hands and go somewhere,” principal Ronalee Orr said.
Praise and awards were bestowed on Donna-Jean Charron, Zachary Guenther, Bertie Heatlie, Nick Martens, Macailla Parkin, Angel Richards and Sanchez Zettel.
Family, friends and staff members packed the school gymnasium for the ceremony, which had the theme, “Where will you be tomorrow?”
The answer to that question lies firmly with the seven students, said Orr, who urged the students to have a destination in mind as they move on to high school.
“What do you need to be happy?” Orr said. “What do you want to accomplish?”
Orr told the Grade 9 students to explore their opportunities, enjoy an exciting ride, and deal with any adversity that might arise.
“It is largely up to you what kind of an impact you have,” Orr said.
Guest speaker Rishi Stefaniuk told the students it is their right to choose the path they will follow.
“Parents and teachers are only guides that offer advice,” Stefaniuk said.
Stefaniuk told the students to choose a journey that is as unique as themselves, and to let parents, teachers and friends help them along the way.
Stefaniuk drew on children’s book author Dr. Seuss for inspiration: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
Bertie Heatlie thanked Livingstone Range School Board, with trustee Kelly Hall giving the reply.
Macailla Parkin thanked the school council, with a response from Kelli DeMaere.
Angle Richards thanked the teachers, with a reply from Megan Craig.
“Where will you be tomorrow?” Craig said. “Remember to follow your heart and dreams.”
Zach Guenther thanked the parents, with Shannon Harwood providing the reply.
Several awards were presented during the celebration.
Angel Richard and Bertie Heatlie shared the Eva Sherman Academic Award, as well as the Jeff Bryan Memorial Award.
Nick Martens received the Art Fjordbotten Most Improve Student Award.
The Granum Minor Ball Athletic Awards were presented to Donna-Jean Charron and Sanchez Zettel.
Macailla Parkin received the Circle of Courage Award.
Ellen Potvin, manager of the Granum branch of ATB Financial, presented the traditional framed photos of the grad class.
Principal Ronalee Orr presented the Red and White Award to Angel Richards.

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