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John Wort Hannam opens Empress series

john wort hannam

Fort Macleod singer-songwriter John Wort Hannam will hold a release party for his new CD ‘Brambles and Thorns' on Oct. 5-6 at the Empress Theatre. The performances open the Fort Macleod theatre's 2012-'13 Centre Stage Series.

A celebrated folk musician who performed at the 2012 London Olympics, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and starred with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra comes to the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod on Oct. 5-6.
Fort Macleod singer-songwriter John Wort Hannam, will hold a release party for his fifth album, “Brambles and Thorns,” as part of the Empress Theatre’s Centre Stage Series.
Wort Hannam’s band, including Scott Duncan of Calgary on fiddle and harmonies, Tyson Maiko of Canmore on upright bass and John Ellis of Vancouver on mandolin, guitar, piano, pedal steel, banjo, and melodion take to the stage as the first performers of the 2012-’13 Centre Stage Series.
“I am excited that I’ll be bringing all the musicians that played on the CD, so what you hear on stage is what we heard in the studio,” Wort Hannam said.
The CD “Brambles and Thorns” was recorded in Lethbridge during a five-day session.
“We recorded ‘live off the floor,’ which for you non-musical types means instead of being isolated and recording the songs instrument by instrument, layer by layer, we sat around, all miked up, in a small basement studio and played the songs,” Wort Hannam said. “The result captures the pure sound of musicians making music, not musicians making a record.”
Wort Hannam just 10 years ago released his debut album “Pocket Full of Holes” after leaving a steady teaching career .
The life-changing decision was certainly no mistake. Wort Hannam has celebrated award after award since entering the music industry including the 2010 Contemporary Album of the Year from the Canadian Folk Music Awards, 2010 Juno Award nominee for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year, and 2009 grand prize winner of the Calgary Folk Music Festival song-writing competition, just to name just a few.
Wort Hannam is known for his unique story-telling, polished voice and inspiring stage presence. He takes great musical inspiration from his home town, titling his fourth album “Queen’s Hotel” after a hotel that has called Fort Macleod’s Main Street home for the past 109 years and is well-known to locals for its colourful past.
Wort Hannam also performed on the Empress stage a fun and spirited song he wrote for the theatre’s 100th birthday centennial launch on June 29, in addition to writing the official song for the 2011 Alberta Winter Games.
The Empress audience will be one of the first lucky enough to buy and hear John Wort Hannam’s latest album, which, if like his previous four albums, will prove to be another great success.