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Johnny Rains Band promotes cancer awareness

Performer Johnny Rains

Johnny Rains will perform Friday, March 30 at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod as a fund-raiser for cancer research.

A Blood Tribe musician who has spent the past year campaigning for cancer awareness will perform Friday, March 30 in Fort Macleod.
John Scout and the Johnny Rains Band performs at 6 p.m. at the historic Empress Theatre.
Scout, who goes by the stage name Johnny Rains, is finishing a music project that promotes a strong message of “life is precious” and “to encourage peers to do something positive with their lives.”
“My whole message in life with my music, art and anything I do, is to encourage the youth that they could do more in their lives,” Scout said.
Scout was inspired to use his music to support cancer research by his grandfather Leo Day Chief, who died of cancer on Feb. 13, 2011.
Before he died, Leo Day Chief inspired Scout to share his music with more people.
The concert at the Empress Theatre is a chance to honor people fighting cancer as well as the memory of loved ones who have died from the disease.
Luminaries will be sold for $5 apiece, with proceeds going to cancer research.
In 2011 Scout won the Alberta Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award in the senior youth “Walking The Red Road” category.
“Walking the Red Road” award nominees demonstrate personal resolve in order to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle or overcome addictions; encourage sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle among other youth; and have been recognized for their efforts in promoting health and sobriety.
The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards celebrate the accomplishments of First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth.
Through his music, Scout shares the message passed on by his grandfather Leo Day Chief of living free of addiction, cherishing good health and pursuing one’s dreams.
Born and raised in Lethbridge, Scout later moved to his grandfather’s ranch on the Blood Reserve.
Scout considered his grandfather, who died recently of cancer, his best friend.
“My biggest role model is my grandfather,” Scout said. “Most of my morals and teachings come from my grandfather — stay away from drugs and alcohol.”
Scout became involved with the Lethbridge chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research in tribute to his grandfather.
The Johnny Rains Band’s song “Chevy Do Da” was entered in the sixth annual Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards for single of the Year, but did not win.
Also performing in the Johnny Rains Band are Rains’ father Lance Scout on bass, and William Kyle Eagle Bear on drums.
The Johnny Rains Band plays Ska Rock which is Caribbean mento and calypso mixed with rhythm and blues.
The band is working on its next CD, titled “Life’s A Stereo,” which consists of 10 songs in original format adding in hip-hop.
Also performing Friday are The Muppet Master DerRic Starlight and Darrel Unger performing a Johnny Cash tribute.
DerRic Starlight
DerRic Starlight is an experienced comedian known for his 75 original puppet characters such as Granny, Wind Dancer, The Jingle Dress Dancer, Marty the little Gangster Dude, The Warrior Hunter and Band Councillor Willy.
Starlight won a Gemini Award for his role on the hit TV Series “Wapos Bay,” on which he plays several characters in addition to his main role as Devon.
Darrel Unger
Growing up in Manitoba, Darrel Unger started playing guitar at 15 years of age and was playing professionally full-time by age 17.
Unger opened for artists including Travis Tritt, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Now living in southern Alberta with his wife Sharon and children Isaac and Anna, Unger has volunteered his time and music for the past 10 years in support of Shinah House and its Oneheart project.
Unger plans to record some originals before heading out on tour.

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