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Jungle theme chosen for second Vaudeville show

Jungle fever hits the Empress Theatre on Friday night during the second Vaudeville show of the summer.
“Jungle Vaudeville” takes the Empress stage at 8 p.m., featuring a variety of local performers as well as students from the drama camp running this week.
“Jungle Vaudeville is shaping up to be an excellent night of community entertainment,” Empress Theatre summer program director Andy Jenkins said. “We have some enjoyable repeat acts from ‘Franken-Vaudeville’ returning to the stage with a new variety of material.”
“Franken-Vaudeville” in July was the first Vaudeville show of the summer season.
Vaudeville is billed as a smorgasbord of talent from across southern Alberta, with each show given a different theme.
“The jungle theme lends itsself to a plethora of possibilities when it comes to the story,” Jenkins said. “We invite audience members to join a jungle safari as we track down exotic beasts in one of Mother Nature’s most treacherous environments.”
“In addition to this loose story line there will be several bits in between talent acts that will comically exploit popular culture of the ‘jungle’ variety.”
Returning from the “Franken-Vaudeville” show are singer Bridgett Yarwood, comedian Andrew Legg and pianist Michael Ayotte.
Also on the program are the musical stylings of Rayne Anne Latchford; the lyrical comedy of Sam Benty, and local folk legend Maureen Chambers.
The Lethbridge Drama Nutz will do another set of improvised comedy.
Erin Bourke-Henderson, leading lady from “The Stage That Made Us,” will perform.
“This week’s drama camp is packed to capacity and the campers will be getting involved in the show in the traditional Vaudeville fashion,” Jenkins added.
Tickets are available in advance at the ticket office or at the door prior to the show. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.