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Macleod Meadows design showcased at open house

Macleod Meadows development

This is one of the options for the new Macleod Meadows development prepared by the Oldman River Regional Services Commission

Fort Macleod’s next residential and commercial development will be showcased Wednesday, Dec. 12.
The Macleod Meadows conceptual design scheme is the focus of an open house from 5-7 p.m. at the Town Office.
“We’re trying to develop this subdivision using some modern techniques,” Mayor Shawn Patience said. “There’s some very interesting options that they have presented us.”
Council had its first look last week at the plan developed by the Oldman River Regional Services Commission for the nearly 34-acre parcel on the northeast side of Fort Macleod.
“It’s extremely exciting,” Patience said. “I’m curious to see what the public thinks about it.”
Macleod Meadows is a high priority for growth and expansion even though the government scrapped the $122-million Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training Centre.
“I think we still need to forge ahead,” Patience said. “We still have holes in our inventory.”
That includes high-density R1 lots that are smaller and more affordable, multi-residential property and no municipality-owned commercial lots.
“This development is really key in terms of us being able to take advantage of what opportunities may present themselves,” Patience said.
“I don’t think anyone has any unrealistic expectations that we’ll sell those in five minutes but we do think there’s an awful good opportunity to create some critical mass over there.”
Planner Jon Schmidt presented the design scheme to council at its Nov. 26 regular meeting.
The design scheme calls for a mix of housing types with parks, trails and open space, along with commercial development.
The plan is for 48 single detached residences on lots 15 metres wide by 30 metres deep.
The plan also calls for 62 to 156 multi-residential units based on a density of 10 to 25 units per acre.
There is also a plan for 127 to 196 seniors’ and assisted living units in Macleod Meadows.
The planners designated 5.88 acres in the plan for commercial development, and 4.17 acres for parks, a dry storm pond, trails and open space.
Residents, developers and contractors are encouraged to attend the open house and comment on the design.
“I’m quite excited to see what comes out of the consultation,” Patience said. “We’ve got a ton of bright people in this community.”