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Macleod role reduced for Hollywood movie

Scheduling difficulties for the lead character mean Fort Macleod will play a smaller role in a new Hollywood movie.
Only one scene from “The Young and Prodigious Spivet” will be filmed on Main Street next month in Fort Macleod.
Initially it was thought three to four scenes would be filmed in Fort Macleod, but the location crew later narrowed that down to two.
Last week Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer Martin Ebel learned a scene planned in front of the post office had been scrapped.
“It’s nothing that we as a town did or didn’t do,” Ebel said. “It has to do with the child star’s shooting schedule.”
Kyle Catlett stars as 12-year-old T.S. Spivet, a boy growing up on a ranch in Montana who invents a perpetual motion machine and sends the plans to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington without revealing his identity.
The movie is about the boy’s travels by train from the ranch in Montana to Washington, D.C.
The movie also stars Helena Bonham-Carter, Kathy Bates and Canadian character actor Callum Keith Rennie.
Catlett is also involved in production of a TV program in New York, and the movie crew found it necessary to adjust its schedule.
“As of right now, they still want to film on Main Street,” Ebel said.
The scene is scheduled for the evening of Sunday, Sept. 2 between Second and Third avenues on Main Street.
Fort Macleod will stand in for Montana.
The Fort Macleod post office was to stand in for a high school in a scene. To accommodate the young actor, the scene was rewritten to take place on a school bus on a rural road.
Scenes will also be shot in Pincher Creek and Lethbridge.
The production crew will take over a ranch near Pincher Creek for scenes at the home of T.S. Spivet, and the high level bridge and Southminster United Chuch in Lethbridge are expected to provide the setting for other scenes.
Other scenes will be shot in Montreal, Chicago and Washington.
The movie is based on the 2009 book “The Collected Works of T.S. Spivet” by writer Reif Larsen.
Oscar-nominated French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet, whose credits include “Delicatessen,” “City of Lost Children,” “Alien: Resurrection,” and “Amélie,” will direct.
Ebel said although Fort Macleod’s role will be small, it is still a feather in the town’s cap.
“In terms of an economic benefit I think it will be quite minimal,” Ebel said. “It’s not like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ or ‘Passchendaele’ where we’re going to have them in town for a week.”