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Macleod wants to tap disaster recovery fund

The province will be asked to help pay for repairs to damage caused in 2011 by the Oldman River.
Town council voted March 12 to apply for money from the provincial disaster recovery program.
“Hopefully we can get the money right away,” Town of Fort Macleod municipal manager David Connauton said.
Damage last year happened on the access road to the Girl Guide camp near the town’s power line; the access to the raw water caisson; and the waste water effluent line.
Council learned March 12 it will cost $86,000 to build up the main road to the raw water caisson that supplies the Town of Fort Macleod system.
Rock riprap will be placed to protect the road as part of that project.
It will cost the Town of Fort Macleod $433,000 to place rock riprap along 100 metres of riverbank near the municipality’s power line.
The riverbank will be reshaped to flatten the slop and incorporate the riprap.
Finally, emergency groins put in place last year will be removed, with the rock repositioned to serve as armour on the riverbank.
Reshaping the riverbank and placing rock riprap at the waste water treatment plant effluent outfall will cost $17,000.
Council was told all costs for flood repair damage will be paid for through the province’s disaster recovery program.
Mayor Shawn Patience wanted that confirmed.
“I don’t want to get down the path and find out there isn’t enough money in the program,” Patience said.

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