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MD assessors to carry bear spray

A close encounter with an unfriendly dog has led the MD of Willow Creek to authorize its assessors to carry bear spray.
MD of Willow Creek chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti told council June 13 the municipality’s safety manager met with Wayne Lamb of Benchmark Assessments to discuss the issues faced in working alone.
As an example, the assessor was recently attacked by a Rottweiler, although he was not bitten.
Vizzutti said she would like to train Lamb and his staff in the legislation covering working alone and in the use of bear spray.
Vizzutti noted as an assessor he has the right to enter ratepayers’ yards.
The training would be provided by George Woof, who is supervising the new community peace officers working for the MD of Willow Creek because he is qualified to do so.
“Wayne is a dog lover and dog owner,” Vizzutti said, adding he has trained dogs and would only use bear spray if attacked. “Wayne does everything he can to let people know he’s in the yard.”
“We don’t want someone mauled and we don’t want to hurt the land owner’s dog,” Vizzutti later added.
Council then authorized Benchmark Assessments to carry bear spray.

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