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MD rejects request for bounty on coyotes, wolves

The MD of Willow Creek Agricultural Service Board turned down a request for a bounty program for coyotes and wolves.
Agricultural fieldman Ron MacKay presented the request Aug. 8 for a bounty program on coyotes and wolves proposed by Fort Macleod Fish and Game, who said Cardston County has such a program.
MacKay reported he spoke to Cardston County and they do not have a full bounty program.
Cardston County does have a bounty on wolves in which it pays $500 per wolf, with a total budget of $5,000. So far it has paid on six wolves.
Coun. Ed Neufeld said a bounty program opens the door to crooked things. People from anywhere could shoot a wolf or coyote and turn in the body for a bounty.
Coun. Ian Sundquist said he has heard the best way to control wolves is not through a bounty where they are eliminated one at a time because they are still out there having babies and reproducing.
Instead, culling the herd is a better approach.
The board then agreed to not have a bounty program.