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MD won’t withdraw resolution on healthy facility food

MD of Willow Creek council will still put forth a resolution to the Foothills-Little Bow Association lobbying for food services in rural continuing care facilities to be restored to previous levels, providing home-cooked meals, despite an announcement by the provincial government that restoration will occur.
The item was on the agenda of council’s Aug. 8 meeting.
“I think we have to keep their feet to the fire for no other reason than to thump the bureaucracy,” Coun. Neil Wilson said.
Coun. Ian Sundquist added if the resolution makes it through Foothills-Little Bow in September, it will go to the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties in November.
Since food service levels are supposed to be restored to previous levels in December, council will have an indication by then if change has actually occurred.
Coun. Earl Hemmaway said the resolution can always be withdrawn if it becomes unnecessary.
At its July 11 meeting, council approved a resolution to be presented to Foothills-Little Bow at its Sept. 21 meeting.
The association includes rural municipalities from the MD of Foothills south.
The resolution reads:
“Whereas the residents of rural continuing care homes are typically permanent residents of these facilities, and:”
“Whereas the quality of life for our senior citizens who live in rural continuing care homes must be maintained at the highest level, and;”
“Whereas in the past, the food served to our seniors in these facilities was obtained locally wherever possible and cooked on site, and;”
“Whereas Alberta Health Services has changed the provision of food services to mass produced, frozen, prepared foods with some fresh options in order to save money and standardize the meals across the province, and;”
“Whereas the quality of the food served in these facilities is far below the quality of locally produced cooked meals and there is no cost savings realized from this change;”
“Therefore be it resolved that the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties lobby the Province of Alberta to allow for the return to previous food services and practices in rural continuing care homes through the provision of home cooked meals for our senior residents.”
If approved by the Foothills-Little Bow Association, the resolution will then go to the annual fall convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties to be debated. If approved there, it will be forwarded to the provincial government.

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