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Residents protest removal of two traffic speed signs

Two ratepayers northeast Fort Macleod are upset the MD of Willow Creek has removed two speed signs, because the signs had addressed a safety concern.
Council reviewed a letter March 28 from Eric and Maryanne Sandberg protesting the removal of two 50 km-h signs on Range Road 252 east of SE-3-10-25-4.
The Sandbergs disagreed with the MD of Willow Creek, who said the signs were removed because they were unauthorized.
The Sandbergs contend John Zoeteman, the reeve and councillor of the day, recognized the needs of his ratepayers and acted accordingly.
The Sandbergs have concerns about safety, pointing out there is a blind hill and their main concern is that many of the travelling public do not pull over to the side of the hill or slow down, especially when they cannot see what is coming up the other side.
MD of Willow Creek chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti explained a councillor cannot act without the permission of council.
“Our research didn’t find authorization (for the sign),” Vizzutti said.
MD of Willow Creek public works superintendent Roy Johnson said a driver can see far enough in both directions when pulling out of that yard.
Coun. Earl Hemmaway added it is a driver’s responsibility to pull over when approaching a hill.
Vizzutti went on to say there is a misconception the councillor and reeve approved the signs when legally that is not the way it is done according to the Municipal Government Act which came into effect in 1994.
Permanent signs need council approval to have legal standing.
Coun. Glen Alm said the issue is that signs need to conform to the rules of today.
Council then decided to write a letter to the Sandbergs explaining their decision and why the signs were removed and will stay that way.