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Town gets failing grade for response to snowfall

The Town of Fort Macleod must do a better job of snow removal, council was told last week.
Coun. Sharon Monical said a better response is needed following snow storms such as the one that blanketed Fort Macleod on Nov. 8-9.
Monical said people attending the Remembrance Day service Nov. 11 at the Fort Macleod and District Community Hall found the south sidewalk nearly impassable because of snow and ice.
“People were having to walk on the highway,” Monical said. “That wasn’t good, but it was better than the sidewalk.”
The sidewalk on the west side of the community hall and immediately in front of the doors had been cleared of snow and ice.
Mayor Shawn Patience asked Trevor Curran, who represents council on the community hall board, whose responsibility it is to clear the walks.
Curran said he did not know, but would find out.
Monical told council snow and ice-covered sidewalks were an issue at another Town of Fort Macleod facility.
“The arena was terrible,” Monical said. “They never shovelled.”
Monical said only a small area of sidewalk at the front entrance of the arena was cleared.
Patience agreed it is a concern.
“That’s a liability thing,” Patience said of someone slipping and falling because snow and ice had not been cleared from a sidewalk.
Coun. Gord Wolstenholme said the town has a machine that could be used to clear the block around the arena.
“Or the arena guys could get out there with shovels,” Monical said.
Monical said it is important the Town of Fort Macleod have a prompt and thorough response to snow.
“We ask our residents to do that,” Monical added.
The Town of Fort Macleod has a by-law that requires property owners to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall.
Coun. Sharan Randle agreed.
“We do have all the equipment,” Randle said. “There is no excuse for it not to be done.”
Patience said the storm made it difficult.
“We did get a good dump so it was challenging,” Patience said.

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  1. BDavis Says:

    I live across from the arena and can assure you that sidewalks are regularly maintained during the winter months. I would assume this is an isolated incident.