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Water stewardship focus of up-coming meetings

Source to Tap is a local initiative to engage people in sharing their knowledge and priorities to further good stewardship of this region’s most precious natural resource — water.
The Oldman Watershed Council and Water Matters are hosting local conversations about use of water, river health and ways to support good stewardship actions.
The next meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 28 from 5:30-9:30 p.m. at Spring Point Hall.
The public is invited to join an open discussion and voice thoughts about ensuring watershed integrity for the future, starting with the headwaters area.
Meetings will also be held Tuesday, Dec. 4 at Pincher Creek Heritage Inn and Wednesday, Dec. 5 at the Welcome Mat in Fort Macleod. Those meetings run from 7-9:30 p.m.
The headwaters of the Oldman River in the Eastern Slopes provides about 90 per cent of the water for the river for those who live downstream.
The Source to Tap community meetings link with and inform the work of the Oldman Watershed Council in developing its Headwaters Action Plan, an initiative that focuses on managing and protecting headwaters health in the Oldman River Basin.
The Source to Tap conversations aim to connect urban and rural residents together with people who use and steward land in the headwaters such as ranchers, resource industry and recreation groups to build common understanding of issues and stewardship practices.
An interactive Source to Tap Web portal, linked to the Oldman Watershed Council website, further invites participation and information sharing amongst people in the region.
The accessible portal will be continually updated with information and surveys to support the community events, serving to widely connect people interested in watershed and community health in southern Alberta.
Source to Tap links with and informs the work of the Oldman Watershed Council in developing its Headwaters Action Plan, and also compliments and informs other land use planning and watershed protection efforts under way in southern Alberta.
Source to Tap community events are scheduled in November and December, with a second phase in February and March,.
Each phase will host one event in several Oldman River Basin communities.
Phase 1 focuses on the use and health of the headwaters: To share local knowledge and increase understanding about water use, water quality, and river health.
Phase Two is about caring for the headwaters: To encourage local input on ways to protect the health of the Oldman River headwaters along the Eastern Slopes.
For more information contact project co-ordinator Jacqueline Nelson at 403-652-7477 or

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