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Western poet Doris Daley Calgary Stampede CD

Doris Daley is originally from Granum. Photo by Kevin Martini-Fuller

The work of western poet Doris Daley, originally from Granum, is featured on ‘100 Years of Thunder: a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.'

Granum’s Doris Daley and three other award-winning historical writing, music, photography and western poetry artists have collaborated on a CD project called “100 Years of Thunder: a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.”
Western poet Doris Daley, singer-songwriter Bruce Innes, author Wendy Bryden and photographer Neville Palmer have produced a project that draws from each of their four areas of expertise.
“100 Years of Thunder mimics the can-do spirit and ingenuity of the very event it celebrates,” said Innes, who also produced and engineered the project. “Talented people working together to celebrate the west . . . that’s what we have accomplished with this unique collaboration.”
Like the Calgary Stampede itself, Daley said, the project is Alberta born and bred.
The CD features 10 original poems by Daley and 10 original songs by Innes, each set paying tribute to a Calgary Stampede theme.
Subjects include Outlaw the bucking bull, chuckwagon races, Indian Village, cowboy fever, Calgary’s iconic white hat, pancake breakfasts plus Guy Weadick, Flores LaDue and the Big Four.
Bryden has written historical essays based on each of the past 10 decades of the Stampede, illustrated by Palmer’s breathtaking photographic art in the CD liner note booklet.
Innes underscores the uniqueness of the project.
“Four different disciplines are represented,” Innes said. “The CD itself combines poetry and music for a power-packed, emotional and entertaining ride through 100 years of Stampede history. Wendy’s essays and Neville’s photography add an historical and visual element not typically found in your average CD project.”
All the artists are Albertans either by birth or by choice.
Wendy Bryden is an acclaimed Calgary writer whose recent book, “The First Stampede of Flores LaDue,” showcases the adventure, history, drama and love story of Calgary Stampede founder Guy Weadick and his trick roper cowgirl sweetheart Flores.
Doris Daley, born and raised in southern Alberta ranch country, has twice been named top female cowboy poet in North America.
Daley makes her living writing and reciting contemporary western poetry on stages throughout the United States and Canada. Doris and her husband Bob live in Turner Valley.
Bruce Innes is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist.
He is the founder and leader of the Canadian group, The Original Caste, a folk blues vocal band. His decades-long career includes gold records and top 10 hits on various international charts.
Innes splits his time between Los Angeles, California, Sun Valley, Idaho, and Millarville, Alberta.
Neville Palmer is an Alberta commercial photographer who specializes in location shooting.
Palmer makes his home in High River.
One hundred years of western spirit and rodeo history is worth celebrating, and 100 Years of Thunder serves it up with history, art, music, stories, emotion and cowboy spirit all rolled into one.
100 Years of Thunder i available at and/or at