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Willow Creek MD to sell Granum hall for salvage

Granum Hall

Time may finally have run out on Blunden Hall in Granum.
At one point slated for demolition, the hall was saved from the wrecking ball by MD of Willow Creek council.
Council decided Feb. 8 it will no longer hold onto the hall.
Council agreed Feb. 8 to contact Alain Dubreuil, who owned the salvage rights to the hall until the municipality purchased them from him for $25,000 on Aug. 12, 2009.
Council plans on asking Dubreuil if he will buy back the hall and continue with his plans to take down the building and salvage materials.
The MD of Willow Creek originally bought the hall, after it had commissioned an engineer’s report on what a hall restoration would cost.
That report suggested a restoration cost of about $1-million.
The MD of Willow Creek also explored grant possibilities, looked at whether the hall could be declared a heritage site, and held a public meeting to consult the public on the hall.
A non-profit society was established by community members to enhance the community and look at community hall possibilities.
Council agreed it was time to move on, so Dubreuil will be contacted.