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Empress Theatre features three First Nations artists

Country singer-songwriter Armond Duck Chief joins the ‘On the Verge of a Journey' show.

Country singer-songwriter Armond Duck Chief joins the ‘On the Verge of a Journey’ show.

johnny rains

Johnny Rains will perform Friday, May 17 at the Empress Theatre.

Kiit Hypnotist -- Mind Master will showcase the power of hypnosis and positive thinking.

Kiit Hypnotist — Mind Master will showcase the power of hypnosis and positive thinking.

Three First Nations entertainers will take the Empress Theatre stage on Friday, May 17.
Johnny Rains, Armond Duck Chief and Kiitokii form the “On the Verge of a Journey” show from 6-10 p.m.
“The initiative of the showcase, a Wine Glass Studio Production, is to seek and urge the peoples support of the three Artists, who are on the verge of a journey,” publicist Roxanne Scout explained. “The true art of the peoples’ support is a traditional philosophy based on endurance, determination, and perseverance bestowed upon the artist, or individual going on a journey.”
“Wine Glass Studio genuinely encourages the three individuals to endure in their art and focus on making dreams become a reality.”
Johnny Rains
Johnny Rains, whose real name is John Scout, has gained plenty of attention in his short music career.
In 2011 Rains won the Alberta Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award in the senior youth “Walking The Red Road” category.
“Walking the Red Road” award nominees demonstrate personal resolve in order to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle or overcome addictions; encourage sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle among other youth; and have been recognized for their efforts in promoting health and sobriety.
The Johnny Rains Band’s song “Chevy Do Da” was entered in the sixth annual Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards for single of the Year.
Born and raised at Lethbridge, Rains lived for a time on the ranch of his grandfather Leo Day Chief.
When his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, Rains became involved with the Lethbridge chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research.
Rains received an Award of Excellence in September 2012 for philanthropic contributions enhancing the Lethbridge arts community.
Rains plays a unique brand of music that combines elements of Ska, calypso, rhythm and blues and rock.
Rains on 2011 released the EP “Be With You” and in 2012 recorded the CD “Life’s A Stereo.”
Armond Duck Chief
Country singer-songwriter Armond Duck Chief was born and raised on the Siksika Nation and grew up listing to legends such as George Jones, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings.
Duck Chief began singing country in his early 20s when he discovered at a karaoke bar that he could carry a note.
A cousin and college roommate taught Duck Chief to play the guitar and he began writing songs.
A professional steer wrestler, Duck Chief writes about life, love, and rodeo.
Duck Chief released his debut CD “Country Groove” in November 2011 at the Indian National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. The CD consists of seven original songs by Duck Chief and three covers.
Duck Chief’s show ranges from high energy cowboy songs to a blend of contemporary country music radio favorites.
Kiitokii is a First Nations hypnotist and mentalist whose stage name “Kiit Hypnotist — Mind Master” describes the sentiment of every performance — a positive attitude and constant state of mind.
Kiit Hypnotist — Mind Master rarely has to contend with skeptics anymore. But for those who do question his hypnotism powers, Kiitokii has a simple request: come see the show and you will believe.
Kiitokii invites 20 volunteers from the audience to “star” in his hilarious hypnosis show. This is a family show and Kiitokii makes sure the volunteers step off the stage feeling better than they ever felt.
Kiitokii showcases the power of hypnosis and positive thinking.
“You give them an honest show,” Kiitokii said. “They see their friends on stage become fabulous entertainers and perform in a manner they never knew they could do.”
Audience participation is key to the show, in which Kiitokii promises to unlock the potential of the human mind through the power of suggestion. It’s about the human subconscious and conscious mind and what it is capable of.
Kiitokii maintains a sense of dignity to the show, never asking the people to do anything lewd.